Organizations help you manage your commercetools projects.

Organizations help you manage your commercetools projects.

All commercetools platform users who belong to an organization can see all projects within that organization. commercetools platform users can belong to multiple organizations, but projects and teams can only belong to one.

Organizations act as a parent to teams and projects. When creating a new project, commercetools assigns it to an organization of your choice. Teams within an organization manage access permissions for a project.

Create an Organization

When you sign up for a Merchant Center account, the commercetools platform creates an organization for you by default.

One organization should be enough for most commercetools implementations. However, some implementations choose to have separate staging and production organizations.

  1. In the main menu bar, open the user menu and select Manage Organizations & Teams. manage-organizations
  2. Click Add Organization and fill in the Name field.
  3. Click Create.

Change an Organization's name

To change an organization's name, click the edit icon on the organization's page.

Delete an Organization

You cannot delete an organization which has assigned projects. You must delete the projects first.

To delete an organization, click the trash icon on the organization's page.

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