Editing a page folder

Once you've created a page folder, you can change the settings, where it's placed, or even delete it if you want to.

Page folder settings

If you're an admin user, when you hover on a page folder, you'll see a settings icon that you can click and edit your settings. You can change the name of your page folder, change the environments it's available in, edit the data sources attached to it, add SEO settings, its display settings as well, as view the history of changes made to your page folder.

5c3c716 Hover to see the settings icon

For more information on which fields you can add to these settings, see the using schemas in the studio article.

Moving a page folder

To move your page folder to a different page folder, you can drag and drop it to the position you want. It can either be within the same page folder as you created it, into another page folder, or creating a page folder of its own.

If you move it to another page folder, a redirect will be created automatically.

This can cause some issues in your navigation, so check with your development team before making this change.

Deleting a page folder

To delete a page folder, hover on the page folder you want to delete and click on the trash can icon. You'll be asked if you want to confirm your deletion as this action can't be undone. As it can also affect your navigation (if you didn't create your page folder here), you need to accept this risk by typing DELETE and clicking the Delete button.

4e5aea4 Hover to see the delete icon

This can cause issues in your navigation, so check with your development team or test in the staging environment before making this change in production.

Now we know how we can create and edit page folders, we need to create a page version within that page folder to display to your customers.